Content Player

Content Player (CP) is a collection of installed, client-side applications (Content Player for Windows, Content Player for Android, Content Player for iOS, and Content Player for Mac) as well as an web application for rendering content in any HTML5 browser (Content Player for Web).

Content Player receives a deployment from a centralized content management system.  That deployment contains an XML based instruction set and associated content such as images and videos. CP uses that deployment to render the visual experience on screen.  This allows a user to create a presentation or application and distribute it to players globally and on a variety of hardware options.

Content Player for Windows is was the original player platforms, and when I took over the CP collection, there was wide disparity in available functionality between the various operating systems.  I identified feature parity as an immediate struggle for users, and it was limiting acceptance of the other non-Windows players.  I set out to solve this by clearly defining the gaps, and prioritizing incremental support of shared features, alongside requests for new features, with each release.

Technology Stack

Content Player for Windows:

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • C# / .NET

Content Player for Android

  • Xamarin
  • Java

Content Player for iOS

  • Swift
  • Objective-C

Content Player for Mac

  • Objective-C

Content Player for Web

  • JQuery (Client-Side)
  • C# / .NET (Server-Side)