My portfolio of products, available below, showcases various technology stacks and applications.  Some of the products were built from the ground up, while others were inherited from previous owners.

Some presented technical challenges, like how to support a customer base with on-premise, cloud, or hybrid infrastructure requirements.  Others challenged me to take a more design-centric approach and delve deep into User Experience (UX) practices.

But every product was fun and gratifying in its own unique way.

Content Player

A set of client side applications which serve as the presentation layer for the Four Winds Interactive platform.

FWI Store

A web application for distributing apps, content, templates, and other assets for the Four Winds Interactive platform.

FWI Drive

A cloud-based content repository for customer assets utilized by the Four Winds Interactive platform.

Admin Center

Create, edit, and delete users for the FWI Cloud.

Content Library

A repository for FWI Cloud customers to manage and share their image, video, and other content assets across their organization.


An user-friendly online spreadsheet specialized for use on the FWI visual communications platform and managed in the FWI Cloud.

Device Management

Activate, monitor, and remotely control Content Player devices through the FWI Cloud.